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Talk about the first time you show your favorite movie.

Well, my favorite movie is Diary of a Mad Black Woman and I absolutely loved it because within her I saw myself in her. I wasn’t exactly speaking to my ex boyfriend at the time and I just saw qualities of the main character’s husband in him(not the cheating, but this unappreciation of her) I don’t know. I just loved it. I watch everytime is comes on.

Talk about your biggest insecurity.

My biggest insecurity is my breasts. They aren’t as perfect as other girls and in addition I have huge breast therefore people stare which makes me more self conscious. Oh also the acne scars on my face. I hate them so much.

Talk about your biggest turn off’s. I cannot stand cockiness, ignorance,and aggressiveness. These qualities were all from each person I’ve been with and that has only be two.

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II. Ink

I remember
writing and drawing
hearts on my hands
and someone told me
I could get ink poisoning
if I continued.

You do not know
how many times
I wrote your name
and hearts
on my arm & hands.

Your name is the
in my veins.

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I. Ink

I’m constantly using
pens when writing in
my journal, never realizing
I am constantly marking
mistakes. I believe you
were one of them.

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Cautiously, I allowed
myself to feel good
at times.
I found moments of
peace in cheap
just staring at the
knobs of some
or listening to the
rain in the
The less I needed,
the better I
felt. Charles Bukowski, “Let It Enfold You”  (via perfect)
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He rolled up the completed bundle of work and slid it into the pneumatic tube. Eight minutes had gone by. He re-adjusted his spectacles on his nose, sighed, and drew the next batch of work towards him, with the scrap of paper on top of it. He flattened it out. On it was written, in a large unformed handwriting:
I love you.

For several seconds he was too stunned even to throw the incriminating thing into the memory hole. When he did so, although he knew very well the danger of showing too much interest, he could not resist reading it once again, just to make sure that the words were really there.

1984, George Orwell (via man-of-prose)
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I could love you, but I have no clue yet and possibility of an us is simple.

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If a writer ever falls in love with you, you will live in stories with happy endings and poems about rainbows, and the wonderful blue sky

If a writer fell in love with you and you left her hanging and wondering and questioning how things have come to be, you will forever be a part of the bitter lines scribbled at the end of the day, when everybody else is sleeping and she is engulfed in the dark, dark, dark place you left her in.

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