I always want to get to know people.

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Here I am, punished, for the amount of passion we exhausted.

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No matter how
many jokes he
throws at me,
my laughter will
never sound like
sunlight to him.

He will never be
satisfied by the
affection that was
meant for you. Noor Shirazie (via aestheticintrovert)
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I want to publish, but not sure if my writing is worthy of publishing.

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My heart is at ease knowing that what was meant for me will never miss me, and that what misses me was never meant for me.

Imam ash-Shafi`i

From the collection: IslamicArtDB » Quotes About Being Content and Happy With Allah’s Decrees and Bounties (27 items)

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When she closed her eyes she felt he had many hands, which touched her everywhere, and many mouths, which passed so swiftly over her, and with a wolflike sharpness, his teeth sank into her fleshiest parts. Naked now, he lay his full length over her. She enjoyed his weight on her, enjoyed being crushed under his body. She wanted him soldered to her, from mouth to feet. Shivers passed through her body. Anaïs Nin, Delta of Venus (via deermoon)
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By Harriet Lee-Merrion
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As a writer, you can’t allow yourself the luxury of being discouraged and giving up when you are rejected, either by agents or publishers. You absolutely must plow forward. Augusten Burroughs (via aestheticintrovert)
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You wanted so badly for him
to be a good prayer you could
tell your mother about it,
and you wanted so badly for him to be
the good days where it was easy to breathe
and dance and love like you meant it.
But he’s just the ache in your knees now,
and you’ve got poison underneath your tongue,
and you’re waiting to kiss him one last time,
and you’re waiting to ruin him.
But everyday ends the same,
and you’re left wondering where to
put the relics left behind from
the timelines you loved him in.
You used to expand like a universe
without apology,
and now you are breaking limbs
trying to make room for the
ghosts you let come back from the dead.
You brave, brave thing.
One day, you’re going to
stop leaving the door open
for people who only know how
to keep leaving,
and you’re not going to be sorry for it
ever again. Y.Z., we’re all still learning (via aestheticintrovert)
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You cannot pray for an A on a test and study for a B. You cannot pray for a celestial marriage and live a telestial life. You cannot pray for something and act less.

Tad R. Callister (via ohshiet-its-yael)

Reminded me of this: 

One day Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) noticed a Bedouin leaving his camel without tying it and he asked the Bedouin, “Why don’t you tie down your camel?” The Bedouin answered, “I put my trust in Allah.” The Prophet then said, “Tie your camel first, then put your trust in Allah” (At-Tirmidhi)

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I awoke with the heart ripe with poetry.

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I am learning
to love myself
It took me years
and heart break
to realize
I am all I have. Michelle K. (via aestheticintrovert)
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